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The BALANCE company offers you the sale of work security devices for work and manipulation in heights including customer service and employee training.

Within our business cooperation we offer you a complex solution of motion and work in heights with respect to actual regulations and technical standards concerning this area of work actions. Our offer is set up in such a way as to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

PROPOSAL of optimum work security devices for individual workplaces and fields of action of specialized workers.

TRAINING in work security and the use of work security devices for securing motion and work in heights.

LEASE of recommended work security devices for pilot plants in the specific conditions of customer's activities, including basic information about work security devices used.

DELIVERY of work security devices according to the customer's request and according to the requirements of secure operation of individual and group work security devices.

SERVICE and readiness for service including the offer of emergency service to assure safe work and manipulation in heights.