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Design and erection.
Designing and detailing.
Structural assessment and analysis.
Documentation processing on Apple Macintosh computers.
Fabrication and assembly of steel and light-metal structures.
Modification and alterations of existing steel structures.
Erection of structural assemblies.
Erection and assembly in difficult-access locations.
Works using industrial climbing technique.
Vertical transportation of heavy loads.

Anti-corrosion protection of steel structures.
Analytical assessment of surface treatment of steel structures by PosiTest, POSITECTOR and Elcometer instruments.
Surface priming according to »SN EN ISO, DIN, ST2, ST3, Sa 2, 5, Sa 2 standards.
Metalising and galvanising of steel structure surfaces.
Application of industrial painting systems, spray-painting.
Inspections and assessment of surface treatment of steel structures.