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About company

Balance was established in 1990. Initiall, the Company focused mainly on building works in heights and ni locations with difficult access, conducted by means of industrial climbing and mountaineering techniques. The company´s gradual development led to an organisational division into two specialised centres. Their business are complete supplies and services in the field of steel structures and building exteriors.

These center have at their disponal all necessary technical eguipment, machinery and background which is one structure of the basic for high-quality work.

The Company´s development and structure are driven by the requirement for top professional standard of management and staff. Constant care is taken to the selection of technologies and material of high quality.


Rooseveltova 31, 160 00 Praha 6
tel./fax: 233 321 557
tel./fax: 233 320 542
email: balance@balance.cz